From concept to reality, we handle everything.

Streamline your business with a custom-branded scheduling app: Gain efficiency, enhance client service, and boost retention and prosperity. We craft intuitive, user-friendly mobile experiences that strengthen your brand and client relationships.

Enter Into a New Era of Branded Apps

My Great App uses the latest Google hybrid cross-platform developer technology

  • Admin and Reporting Dashboard

    You are running a clinic, not a social media account. Your time is precious …

  • Multi-timezone scheduling

    Clients and customers love the convenience of MyGr8App. With Google Calendar sync, your…

  • Gmail and Push Notification reminders

    Gmail & Push Notification Reminders helps you to schedule appointment reminders in a …

  • Integrated point of sale

    Improve patients’ retention with overall clinic growth to get them keep coming back for more…

  • Two Way Private Live Chat

    Live chat with your patients from within the app. Chats and push notifications appear on your…

  • Improved SEO

    If you have a website but aren’t making it easy for people to find you on their phone or tablet…

Connect with your Clients-DIGITALLY

Customer’s Loyalty

This app empowers your clients to:

Manage appointments: Schedule, reschedule, and access appointment details easily.

Engage with your services: Easily access resources and connect with you directly.

Seamless Connectivity

Leverage the power of push notifications: With an average user checking their phone 320 times a day, timely push notifications are a powerful way to stay connected.

Effortlessly send reminders, updates, and promotions: Share special offers, event announcements, and session cancellation notices directly to your clients’ phones with just a click.

Scheduling Real-Time

Real-time updates ensure a seamless experience:

Clients can easily book, reschedule, or cancel appointments on their own time.

Your schedule automatically reflects any changes, ensuring accuracy and streamlined operations.

Affordable & Compatible

Enjoy cost-effective convenience with MyGr8App.

Unbeatable value: MyGr8App offers a significantly more affordable solution than hiring an external developer.

Wide compatibility: Reach a broader audience with your app, seamlessly accessible on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices, always equipped with the latest updates.

Stand Out From The Crowd!

Contact us NOW and tell us what you want!

We will design and build your app according to your specifications. From designing a complete digital representation of your brand to publishing on the app stores. We’ve got it covered!

Let us accomplish great things together. As in today’s hyper-competitive eco-system, INNOVATION IS THE ONLY WAY FORWARD. 

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Empower your practice with a user-friendly, branded mobile app built for healthcare professionals like you. Whether you run a small business or a thriving clinic, MyGr8App helps acupuncturists, chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, and other leading healthcare providers build stronger relationships with their patients. Our scalable, next-generation apps equip you with cutting-edge technology to attract new clients, strengthen loyalty, and boost clinic growth. Join our thriving community and unlock the potential of your brand with MyGr8App.