About Us

Born from the frustration of impersonal web-based booking in a busy acupuncture practice, MyGr8App offers a powerful alternative: your own branded mobile app. Our global development team creates cutting-edge, user-friendly apps at competitive prices, specifically tailored to the needs of healthcare professionals. MyGr8App fosters deeper patient connections compared to web systems, allowing clients to conveniently book appointments, access information, and connect directly with your clinic, all while receiving timely reminders and updates.

Additionally, MyGr8App strengthens your brand identity, leaving a lasting impression on patients and solidifying your local presence. This cost-effective solution empowers you to elevate your practice, empower your patients, and cultivate deeper connections, ultimately leading to a thriving healthcare experience for all.

Our Approach

Our team of highly skilled developers at My Great App, with over 12 years of experience and a proven track record of 2,000+ successful projects globally, is ready to tackle any challenge in your custom app development journey. We offer comprehensive support, from guiding you through the initial product ideation to designing, developing, and even consulting after launch. We ensure your business stays ahead of the curve by delivering a user-friendly and responsive mobile app.

Beyond development, My Great App provides consulting & solutions services that leverage technology to add value and solve real business problems. We take the time to understand your unique needs, create a working strategy to overcome current and future challenges, develop a mobile app using the latest technology, implement it seamlessly, monitor your return on investment (ROI), and provide ongoing support to ensure your app’s success.