Awesome Features

My Great App uses the latest Google hybrid cross-platform developer technology

  • Admin and Reporting Dashboard

    Maximize your time with patients. Our intuitive Super Admin Dashboard lets you:

    • Effortlessly manage your schedule: View all appointments, add bookings if needed, and manage changes swiftly.
    • Stay connected with patients: Send individual or group messages, share updates through push notifications, and even send appointment reminders.
    • Gain valuable insights: Track user statistics and monitor your practice’s growth as your app gains traction

  • Multi-timezone scheduling

    Make appointments effortless for your clients with MyGr8App:

    • Seamless scheduling: Clients can easily book and manage appointments directly from their Google calendars, saving them time and ensuring they never miss a session.
    • Simplified communication: Two-way, multi-time zone synchronization keeps you and your clients on the same page, regardless of location, eliminating scheduling conflicts and promoting professionalism.

  • Gmail and Push Notification reminders

    Never miss an appointment again with MyGr8App’s automated reminders:

    • Personalized reminders: Schedule automated email, SMS, and push notifications to keep clients informed and engaged.
    • Increased efficiency: Inform clients of immediate openings with timely push notifications, boosting appointment conversion rates.
    • Improved retention: Strengthen client relationships with branded reminder emails, ensuring consistent follow-through and boosting retention.
    • Seamless booking: Text message reminders seamlessly link clients back to your app for immediate booking, minimizing the risk of missed appointments.

  • Integrated point of sale

    Boost patient retention and streamline your clinic operations:

    • Effortless payments: Offer a convenient way for clients to pay upfront through our integrated Stripe gateway (no additional fees for us).
    • Improved efficiency: Eliminate the need for cash handling and streamline the checkout process.
    • Enhanced client experience: Allow clients to pay at their convenience, saving them time on arrival.
    • Automatic receipts: Each booking generates an email receipt for clients, ensuring clear records.
    • Easy management: Track all transactions, manage customers, and generate invoices seamlessly within your Stripe app or user dashboard.

  • Two Way Private Live Chat

    Strengthen patient relationships and enhance communication with in-app live chat:

    • Real-time support: Answer patient questions and address concerns conveniently within the MyGr8App.
    • Improved engagement: Facilitate personalized communication through chat and push notifications, fostering stronger 1:1 relationships.
    • Streamlined collaboration: Add notes, share documents, and schedule appointments directly within the chat, maximizing efficiency and keeping everything in one place.

  • Improved SEO

    A well-optimized app with strong SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can significantly boost your mobile app’s discoverability. This translates to increased visibility in search engine results, leading to:

    • More app downloads: By ranking higher in relevant searches, your app becomes easier for potential patients to find and download.
    • Enhanced brand awareness: Improved SEO increases your app’s online presence, making your clinic more recognizable in the digital landscape.
    • Targeted reach: Optimizing for specific keywords allows you to attract patients actively searching for services you offer, leading to higher-quality leads.

    By combining the power of a mobile app with effective SEO, you can effectively reach a wider audience and attract more patients to your clinic.

  • Firebase Realtime Database

    Build a seamless and responsive app with ease.

    Our app utilizes Firebase Realtime Database, a powerful cloud technology that:

    • Ensures data is always up-to-date: Your app stays responsive even with heavy traffic, offering a smooth and consistent experience for everyone.
    • Simplifies development: We can build your app quickly and efficiently, saving you time and resources.
    • Keeps your data secure: Your information is stored in the cloud with robust security measures, giving you peace of mind.